If it were 2014, I would joke about not being able to remember the last book I’ve read. On a summer day, a friend Dan recommended that I read the book, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ because I had recently started my own business. I decided to give it a chance, and have since had a completely different perspective on life. After finishing Rich Dad Poor Dad, I have been on a mission to learn any and everything I can to continue to inspire my self-employment journey that has proven to be rewarding, confusing, difficult, exciting…(insert any adjective here)

I find reading comforting because it has taught me that everyone who ventures from the common path endures the same things that I’ve experienced. I am now on a mission to read at least one inspirational book each week, and inspire others by what I learn. Despite my inability to concentrate, I have been very successful in my reading endeavor thus far; I plan to use my new-found knowledge to teach others through the use of this blog.


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