Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

This is my favorite book.

Outwitting the devil was hidden from society since 1938 because of its controversial nature. If this beginning isn’t intriguing, I’m not sure what is: “Written on a manual type writer in 1938 by the master himself, Napoleon Hill, this manuscript has been locked away and hidden by Hill’s family for seventy-two years. Why? Because they were frightened by the response it would invoke. Hill’s courage in revealing the Devil’s work around each and every day, in our churches, our schools, and our politics, threatened the very core of society as it was known at the time.”

Napoleon Hill claims to have come in contact with the devil himself, allowing the author to “interview” him. Whether this actually took place, or was a metaphor somehow, was never actually told- and the author told the reader to interpret the events how he wishes. The devil talks about preying on people’s earthly fears and insecurities. The main point that Napoleon drives home, is that as long as you’re able to think and act for yourself, and rid your life of fear, the devil cannot keep hold of your life & actions.

Feature photo credit: kaboompics.com

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