This is easily……….at the top of my recommendation list. (Read in 2016)

Think and Grow Rich was the first book I’ve read by Napoleon Hill. After finishing it, I knew I had to find the rest of his books. I was skeptical in the beginning, as the introduction made huge promises. However, I was not disappointed. This book shows its relevancy for many decades, and the fact that it was originally written in 1937 makes it a fascinating classic. For me personally, the magic came from my starting to think differently- in a very good way.

I was first introduced to the concept of auto-suggestion by this book. The things we tell ourselves on a minute to minute basis will either make or break us. The concept of telling ourselves positive affirmations is one of the most important corner stones of success. I was also made aware of the importance of Mastermind Alliances…the concept that success is so much more possible with a group of two or more like-minded individuals coming together with a common mission and desire. It’s time I read this for a second time (possibly once a year) to get reacquainted with the incredibly important concepts, and share more.

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