Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion by Napoleon Hill

Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion seems to be a combination of all great books I’ve read. An important point made by Napoleon Hill is that if you don’t know what you desire from life, if it’s still hazy, changeable and unnamed, you need to define your goal. Without a purpose and without adequate plans for fulfillment, your mind is left wide open to a lazy mental attitude.

Successful men and women are those who set a goal and plan the means by which they expect to achieve that goal. The author displays an outline of your plan: Define what you want. List the income you desire, and how you will earn this. Complete a description of the home you want to live in and have it in visible sight daily. Also, include what amount of money you’d need to own this home you envision. List how you intend to use the 24 hours in your day. Express a prayer of gratitude at least twice per day…for the blessings you have now and the things you will obtain in the future (when waking up and before going to bed).

Napoleon Hill also heavily stresses the importance of having a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). Examples…Doing more than expected of you results in more opportunities thrown in your path. The “Law of Increasing Returns” will go to work for people who do this because the extra seed of service you sow will come back to you greatly multiplied in one form or another. Other examples of PMA are enthusiasm, faith, controling your thoughts and emotions, overcoming fear…Action eliminates fear. Also, evaluating what you’re truly afraid of will help diminish them.

Common fears:

Sickness: instead we should focus on how amazingly our bodies work and can heal and maintain themselves.

Old age: should be embraced as the wise, golden years.

Failure: momentary defeat and failures are blessings in disguise.

Criticism: if criticisms come from those we care about, we should view them as constructive. If you’re afraid of criticism from the Joneses, you will never accomplish much.

Death: must be accepted as a necessary part of the universal plan.

Faith and Fear cannot live together in the same house…so, through applied faith, enthusiasm, work, and mental control, you can eliminate your fears.

There are many excellent proverbs listed in the back of this book. It’s an enlightening read to instill confidence in the reader.


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