Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss M.D.

There is a strong link that exists between physical and emotional stress and illness. It’s important to learn what weakens your spirit so you can stop the loss of your energy. The whole concept of this book is that each mental thought and emotion has an affected physical counter-part.

God does not encourage a pain free life. Spiritual teachings encourage us to grow past painful experiences, each of which is a lesson. This is important to maintain balance. To create disease, negative emotions have to be dominant; what accelerates the process is knowing that a negative thought is toxic to your existence, but you continue to hold onto it anyway. Energy is power, and transmitting energy into the past by dwelling on painful events drains the power from your present life and body, and can lead to illness.

In addition to create our own sickness, we have the power to heal ourselves. Healing is an active, internal process that includes investigating one’s attitudes with the desire to release all negative patterns. Holistic and conventional healing/medicine take two different approaches: active & passive. When one has the attitude that someone or something else will heal them, they may never recover. However, when they’re in the proper mindset to understand that a majority of that responsibility is their own, they will heal.

Fear vs. faith- (A good daily reading to yourself to rid your life of worry) “If a person’s choices are impelled by fear, then fear returns to the energy field of the body. If a person directs their spirit in faith, then grace returns to their energy field, and their biological system thrives.”

The most important thing is to be conscious of your life at the present moment and enjoy that moment. If you refrain from living in the past and worrying about the future, you cannot experience stress on such a high level and your energy will remain positive. This book is one of the most profound I have read. I highly recommend it to people who enjoy spirituality and meditation, or those who want to be physically and mentally healthy.

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