The 5 Essential People Skills by Dale Carnegie

Cardinal Rules of Communications:

Call people by their name, admit when you’re wrong, and hold people to high standards. (Don’t be a control freak, and trust the abilities of others). Show sincere interest, offer specific praise. Keep your word because your credibility hangs heavily on your word. Recognize people’s efforts and show gratitude. Be humble, no one likes a show-off and help other’s save face by avoiding bringing needless attention to other’s mistakes.

Sales advice from Dale Carnegie: You must first find out what people need or want.

  1. Build Trust- make them know that you’re sincere and well-intentioned.
  2. Find Common Ground- Show your audience that your ideas and values mesh with their own. Put yourself in their shoes and be understanding of what they want.
  3. Structure your Information- Save your most powerful points for last so they linger in the minds of the listener. Also, be sure to repeat the most important points.
  4. Show Both Sides- Weigh the pros and cons of what you have to offer vs. what they’d miss out on.
  5. Appeal to Self Interest- Show them what they stand to gain. Know what their needs are and express how your idea will satisfy that.
  6. Appeal to Authority- Show your expertise
  7. Time Your Request- Make sure it’s not a time of high stress for them
  8. Be Original- Make your ideas stand out
  9. Be Interesting- Use voice fluctuation, enthusiasm, energy, and visual aids
  10. Be Reasonable- Point out the logic and common sense aspects of your ideas
  11. Be diplomatic- Gain their respect by always being respectful
  12. Be Humble- Never arrogance

Sales strategy: Get their attention, create a need or desire, offer a solution, and close the sale. The most important thing is that you must relinquish your own agenda completely if you want to create curiosity in another person. Otherwise they will sense you being desperate or manipulative if you don’t have their best interest in mind.

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