Questions for Self-Examination

The following are some really great evaluation questions if you’re looking to be honest with yourself about improving your self-image. Grab a pen and paper and write out your responses and focus on solutions to these! (Questions & comments inspired by the Anatomy of the Spirit book).

  1. what negative patterns continually surface in your relationships with others?
  2. what attitudes do you have that might disempower you?
  3. what beliefs do you hold with you that you know deep down aren’t true about yourself?
  4. what attitude/belief would you like to change in yourself? Are you willing to commit to making those changes?
  5. what frightens you about change in your life?

Things to always remember:

  1. Recognize defensiveness as an attempt to keep new insights from entering your mind.
  2. Interpret all situations and relationships as having a symbolic importance, even if you can’t immediately understand what it is.
  3. Become open to receiving insight and guidance.
  4. Work toward releasing any thoughts that promote self-pity or anger, or that blame another person for anything thats happened to you.
  5. Practice detachment. Do not create specific outcomes in your mind!
  6. Refrain from all judgements. Remind yourself of the higher truths that you cannot possibly see all the facts or details of a situation.
  7. Learn to recognize when you’re being influenced by a fear pattern.
  8. Detach from all values that support the belief that success in life means achieving certain goals. Instead, view a successful life as a process of achieving self-control and the capacity to work through the challenges life brings you.
  9. Always act on your inner guidance.
  10. Keep all of your attention in the present moment- refrain from living in the past or from worrying about the future.

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