The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

I was inspired to read this book by my friend, Debbie. She admittedly didn’t read, and found this book to be the gateway into her new-found hobby…so I decided to take a look. This book encloses all of the ways to get your mind in the right place to succeed because after all, our minds are our most important assets.

The first point made in The Magic of Thinking Big is “believe you can succeed and you will.” Belief triggers the mind to figure ways and how-tos. Also, when you believe in yourself, people will believe in you. Those who harbor a “second best” self image are invariably second best doers. There must come a time where you tell youself that you’re through feeling low class, you’re through telling yourself you don’t deserve something, you’re through selling yourself short.

Next you must cure yourself of excusitis. All of the excuses made by the person of mediocrity could also be made my the success-minded, but aren’t. Each time someone views themself a victim and makes an excuse, it becomes more and more embedded in their mind and accepted by their subconscious as valid.

You must also build confidence and destroy fear. Fear is success enemy number one. Taking action cures fear and builds confidence when indecision and procrastination fertilizes fear and allows it to grow and spread. ACTION CURES FEAR. When you experience worry/fear, write down the answers to what kind of action you can take to counter act what you’re feeling. For example…Fear of losing customers~Take 10x the action to provide great service to your existing customers. Fear of failing an exam~Study study study. Fear of things outside of your control~Turn your attention to helping others, or turn to prayer. Fear of criticism~ Make sure you’re doing the ethical thing, then continue to do what you do regardless of criticism because your actions will be rewarded inevitably by doing the right things…etc. Write down exactly what you’re afraid of. Pin it down. Take necessary action. Hesitation will only enlarge and magnify worry. Be prompt and be decisive.

Your brain in a bank. You can deposit and withdraw whatever types of thoughts you choose…so be careful. 1. Deposit only positive thoughts in your memory bank. When you’re alone with your thoughts in your car etc, recall positive, pleasant experiences. Just before you go to sleep, count your blessings, recall good deeds you witnessed that day, recall your small victories, and think of reasons you’re glad to be alive. 2. Withdraw only positive thoughts from your memory bank. People slowly commit spiritual suicide with their negative thoughts. Refuse to withdraw negative thoughts from your mind. Your mind actually wants to forget about the bad experiences. If you cooperate with that and discontinue to allow focusing on unpleasant events, your mind will aid you in destroying those negative thoughts.

5 confidence building activities:

  1. be a front seater, sit up front at seminars, classes, etc
  2. make eye contact
  3. walk 25% faster, don’t be lethargic
  4. speak up
  5. smile big

There is a tendency for so many to think small, which means there is less competition than you think for rewarding careers. People are measured by the size of their thoughts; not their family, ethnicity, age, sex, education level, etc. One of the greatest human weaknesses is self-deprication- selling yourself short. A good exercise to measure your true size: determine your 5 best assets and write them down. Next, under each asset, think of 3 people you know who are successful but don’t have this asset like you do. You will then reach the conclusion that you’re of worth and bigger than you give yourself credit for. As a big thinker, you must speak like one. There are 4 ways to develop big thinkers vocabulary. 1. When asked how you’re doing, respond with saying you’re doing wonderfully. The more you speak vibrantly, the better you’ll begin to feel. 2. Use vibrant words to describe others vs cutting them down. 3. Use encouraging language to others- praise them. 4. Promise victory.

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  1. don’t let tradition paralyze your mind. be receptive to new ideas and try new approaches. be progressive in everything you do.
  2. give yourself pep talks about doing what you’re afraid of doing, or don’t want to do. practice uplifting self praise, NOT belitting self punishment. you are what you think you are.
  3. build your own “sell yourself to yourself commercial.” speak aloud your strong suits everyday.
  4. you don’t get a raise on the promise of better performance; you get a raise only by actually demonstrating it. you cant harvest money unless you plant the seeds that grow money~and the seed of money is service to others.
  5. of all living creatures, one in ten million is a human being. a person is a biological rarity. we are all important in God’s scheme of things.
  6. how you think when you lose determines how long it will be until you win. don’t waste time being discouraged. don’t berate yourself; just plan for the win.
  7. it’s natural to want to be accepted, but ask yourself, “which group do i want to accept me? the group that laughs at me because they’re secretly jealous? or the group that is making progress and accomplishing things.”
  8. this year thousands of businesses are being started. five years from now, only a small portion will still be in operation. most of those who fail will say, “competition was just too much. we had no choice but to quit.” the real problem is that when most people hit the TAR (things are rough) barrier, they think only in terms of defeat and so they are defeated.
  9. goals- we must envision who we want to be in 10 years. this is a critical process if you want to become that person. just as the business that neglects to plan ahead will be just another business, the individual who fails to set lonf-range goals will most certainly be just another person lost in life’s shuffle.

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  1. I really want to read this book. I like the bank scenario you shared. and I am also compelled to implement the confidence actions. i think they will impact how proactive I feel and how people see me

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