Napoleon Hill’s Positive Action Plan

It’s safe to say that Napoleon Hill was one of the most classic authors of all time. This book was written by his foundation and in it are 365 messages for making each day a happy one and for the betterment of your life! Here are my 25 favorite pieces of advice from the author:

  1. If you respect yourself enough to keep commitments even when it’s inconvenient, others will come to respect you too.
  2. The surest way to make sure your character and reputation are the same, is to live your life in such a way that nothing you do would embarrass you if it were printed in headlines.
  3. If you think about success, you will attract success. Similarly, if you think about failure and despair, you will become miserable.
  4. When you boast, you’re telling the world you’re unsure of yourself.
  5. A lazy person has not found the work he/she likes best- Action leads to interest and interest leads to ambition and enthusiasm.
  6. If you know in your own heart that you’re a good and decent person, you can meet life’s challenges head on without fear of what other’s think.
  7. All great achievements are born of struggle.
  8. Healthy self-respect should not be confused with egotism. An egotist loves himself for the most superficial reasons while a self-respecting person takes pride in qualities of character that he or she has worked hard to develop.
  9. Devote a portion of each day to quiet reflection.
  10. When you become a leader, you must accept responsibility for all outcomes of a team.
  11. Don’t become a victim of “analysis paralysis,” – take action!
  12. The person who complains of never having had the chance just never had the courage to take one.
  13. No one can keep you down but yourself.
  14. Do not allow yourself to be lulled into complacency by the masses who believe mediocrity is an acceptable alternative. Focus on the possibilities for success, not the potential for failure.
  15. Before mastering others, be sure you are the master of yourself. Unsolicited advice can be unwelcomed.
  16. It’s possible to make yourself ill through constant worry and fear. The mind constantly strives to turn into reality the things we think about the most. Because of that, keep your mind fixed on what you want, and not what you don’t want.
  17. When you show that you lack self-confidence, other’s will doubt you as well. It’s normal to have insecurities but don’t let them overcome you.
  18. Do not allow others to set up your limitations.
  19. Be a builder and not a destroyer of people and things. In other common words: be a fountain and not a drain.
  20. When you provide a useful service to others enthusiastically and genuienly, success will automatically follow. The world seeks out such individuals and rewards them accordingly.
  21. Devote yourself to making small decisions promptly. You’ll find it much easier to be decisive when it comes to bigger decisions.
  22. Remember: being broke is temporary but being poor is a state of mind.
  23. When you have no goals, opportunities mean nothing to you.
  24. Psychologists who study human behavior have determined that people are the happiest when they are striving for something. It’s the act of striving, not the successful completion of the task, that provides the greatest rewards.
  25. Experts have found that money is a motivator only to a certain extent. You must find what you are passionate about regardless of the financial aspect of it.

Thanks for reading 🙂 -Laura

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