Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

This book brings to light the concept of us all having our own “financial blueprint.” Our financial blueprint has been programmed by different factors including our upbringing,  beliefs about money, environment etc. If one’s financial blueprint isn’t set for success, there is little that one can do to accumulate wealth, so we must start there. The way we think has a huge impact on our financial state, so the book includes daily declarations we must repeat in order to get our minds in the proper condition for accumulating riches.

Declarations for wealth:

  1. “My inner world creates my outer world. I have a millionaire mind.” (thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions, actions lead to results)
  2. “What I modeled around money was their way, I choose my way.” (be aware of things you were taught about money throughout your life and decide whether the concepts are healthy to carry with you, or get rid of)
  3. “I release my nonsupportive money experiences from the past and create a new and rich future.”
  4. “I observe my thoughts and entertain only the ones that empower me.”
  5. “I create the exact level of my success.”
  6. “I think big. I choose to help thousands and thousands of people.”
  7. “I focus on opportunities rather than obstacles.”
  8. “I promote my value to others with passion and enthusiasm.”
  9. “I am an excellent receiver. I am open and willing to receive massive amounts of blessings into my life.” (one can only receive if they are willing to receive)
  10. “I choose to get paid based on my results.” (if you’re currently working at a job where you feel underpaid, consider starting a business that pays you based on your results and true value)
  11. “I always think in abundance.” (you do not always have to pick “either/or” because you might be able to have it all…do not limit yourself)
  12. “I focus on building my net worth.” (net worth is determined by adding the value of everything you own. cash investments + stock + bonds + real estate + value of your business + value of your residence – amounts you owe. your working income is not the true value of your net worth. focus on increasing your net worth)
  13. “I am an excellent money manager.” (10% of your income goes into your long-term savings account, 10% into your continuing education account, 50% into your necessities account, 10% into your giving account)
  14. “My money works hard for me.” (the difference between active & passive income determines the time you spend working hard for you money, or having it work for you. this is the key to wealth, having leverage/passive income)
  15. “I act in spite of fear, I act in spite of doubt, I act in spite of worry, inconvenience, discomfort, and when I am not in the mood.” (wealthy people do not have the absence of fear and worry, they just act despite having that fear)
  16. “I am commited to constantly learning and growing.”

Thanks for reading! -Laura

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