Be Bold and Win the Sale by Jeff Shore

This excellent book was given to me as a gift from my boyfriend. I typically love self-help/inspiration books, so this was a walk down a different avenue. However, I learned a huge amount about the skills involved with selling and putting yourself out there. I learned that I have to read more books related to this because I work on marketing my online shopping business. This book is for anyone, (whether you’re in sales or not) because it inspires action.

Definition of boldness: taking action to do the right thing, despite fear and discomfort. It isn’t about being obnoxious, slick, or manipulative. To be bold is to initiate strong, positive action at a time when others give in and take the easy path. In the introduction, the author talks about the common addiction to comfort. One voice in our head says to break free, be bold, work hard, live life to the fullest! And yet the other voice tells us to stay comfortable. Ironically, the end product of a life spent in “comfort” turns out to be uncomfortable. Just as the addiction to comfort is inside of us, so are the tools to break free from that addiction- that means maximizing the opportunities that are in front of you.

Will you accept discomfort as an inhibitor or as an accelerator? Every time we give in to discomfort and take the easier path, we cement ourselves more firmly into the life of mediocrity. When you train your brain to embrace these moments of discomfort (aka growth) you become powerful and liberated and the activities that once created disabled confidence, are done without second thought. We’ve all heard the saying, “action cures fear.”

15 Sales tidbits:

  1. Serve first, sell second.
  2. Which is more important, intention or technique? Intention. If your intention is flawed, the best technique in the world will not save you. Intention and purpose act as a road map to our accomplishments, and technique is the vehicle that gets us there.
  3. Sell to people who can afford to buy.
  4. The most important sales presentation you’ll ever give is the one that convinces you to believe in yourself.
  5. Discover what makes you great, and do the uncomfortable things within that niche. It’s a whole lot more enjoyable to do the uncomfortable things that are consistent with your version of success.
  6. Never compromise your morals.
  7. Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. It’s only through discomfort that winners are born.
  8. Always ask yourself what the best interest of the customer is. This should be a discovery journey about what they need.
  9. Realize that everytime you take an easy path, or avoid doing thats hard/neccesary, it stifles your potential. You must do the uncomfortable thing as soon as you sense the discomfort. Find a way to make discomfort enjoyable.
  10. Always envision the end result going into a sales situation. Envision it working out in your favor and you’ll act accordingly.
  11. Be passionate and be yourself. There is no perfect salesman personality.
  12. Always remember the worst case scenario is receiving a “no”
  13. Focus on progress over perfection.
  14. Get used to the phrase, “tell me more.”
  15. The most effective sales technique offers an emotion-based future promise as a solution to an emotion-based current dissatisfaction.

Before ending this blog post, I’d like to address customer fear. The most common are fear of commitment, fear of making the wrong choice, fear of a big financial obligation, fear of what other’s will think, fear of overpaying, and fear of buying at the wrong time. As a salesperson, you must address their fears. To ignore their fear and let them deal with it on their own is NOT a sound idea. Doing this will mean losing the sale. Fear is a powerful motivator of inaction; a customer who is overwhelmed by fear will not more forward. It’s important to address these fears with them and put them to rest- even if it means an uncomfortable conversation to get to the bottom of their issue. It’s better than having them leave the meeting and never come back to you again while you’re sitting around wondering what their qualm was. I hope this blog leaves you wanting more and inspires you to buy the book, learn lots and accelerate your career and life!

Thanks for reading 🙂 -Laura

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