Today’s Online Shopping Experience- How I Saved a Ton

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to check this one out. I wanted to share with you my online shopping experience from today, because I’m obsessed with the concept of getting paid to shop…YEP, it’s a thing!

  1. My friend is getting married in a month & I needed a gift. Her registry happens to be at Bed Bath & Beyond. I do all of my shopping through, so of course I go there, type in Bed Bath & Beyond (because they’re one of the thousands of partner stores of and I notice that Bed Bath & Beyond is currently paying 6% Cash back- which is awesome! The best part about this scenario is that being a customer on is completely free, so it’s a no-brainer. The second best part about this is that we can look up baby and wedding registries online. 😉 #convenience
  2. I find what I’m purchasing for her (this part’s a secret, because she may read this!) and add to cart. I have an app downloaded (which is also free) called Shop Buddy. Shop Buddy pops up on the Bed Bath & Beyond site and offers me a 20% off coupon code. Thank goodness for this feature because otherwise I would’ve paid full price without knowing!
  3. I check out with a discounted price, free shipping, gift wrap done by the store, and it’s all while sitting on my laptop. But don’t forget about that additional 6% cashback that paid me.

This is an all around win and it’s called free money 🙂 I’m able to help you become a customer; all you have to do is let me know! Thanks for reading.



Feature photo credit: picjumbo

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