How to Overcome The Most Basic & Common Fears

This blog entry is inspired by the book “Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion” by Napoleon Hill. Hill states that so often people let fear and negativity rule their decisions and actions. The truly successful person doesn’t think in these terms. His reasoning is based on creativity and productivity. We must control the fear rather than let it control us. Once its served its emotional purpose as a warning signal, we must not allow it to interrupt our logical reasoning.

The most common fears are as follows- along with the author’s take on making them easier to deal with:

  1. The fear of sickness: The human body is an amazing system created for self-maintenance and repair. Rather than worrying about it becoming out of order, take action to keep it healthy. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong with your health, marvel at how amazing it is that the body continues to work after the strain we put it through.
  2. The fear of old age: The golden years are something to look forward to, not to fear. We exchange youth for wisdom. Nothing is ever taken away from us without an equal or greater benefit being made available.
  3. The fear of failure: Momentary failure is a blessing in disguise, carrying with it a seed of equal or greater benefit. You must fail your way to success.
  4. The fear of death: We must recognize that death is a necessary plan of the universe, provided by the Creator as a means of giving man a passageway to the higher plane of eternity.
  5. The fear of criticism: You should be your own worst critic. If you focus on doing what’s right, know that it doesn’t matter what other’s say. At the end of the day, you’re living to fulfill your own dreams and not your neighbors dreams. The best way to avoid this worry is to stay in action. Achieving goals and staying busy will keep you happy with yourself, and will keep their opinions out of your mind.

What are the things that worry you the most? Do they fit into these categories? If so, I hope this helps 🙂

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