If you analyze success, you’ll see that there is no element of luck involved. People may fall into opportunities by chance, but will “fall out” just as quickly when opposition strikes with the absence of certain traits and habits.

These traits & habits are what the author Napoleon Hill (my personal favorite) describes to be the combination of “Personal Power.” I’m currently reading his book entitled ‘The Path to Personal Power,’ and here are those 10 traits:

  1. The habit of definiteness of purpose. In other words: the decisive goal in which you will achieve. The very opposite of “drifting.”
  2. Promptness of decision: the twin to decisiveness.
  3. Soundness of character: doing all things that benefit all whom it affects. Intentional honesty and moral behavior in attainment of one’s goals.
  4. Strict discipline over one’s emotions.
  5. Obsessional desire to render useful service.
  6. Thorough knowledge of your occupation.
  7. Tolerance on all subjects: an open mind is necessary in building success.
  8. Loyalty and faith in a higher power.
  9. Enduring thirst for knowledge: the pursuit of learning throughout an entire lifetime.
  10. Imagination and enthusiasm in the carrying out of your goal.

In addition to these habits, we must also take into consideration an important formula: Q + Q + C. That is, the Quality of your services + the Quantity of carrying them out + the mode of your Conduct = the degree of success one will experience.

Usually these traits cannot be achieved immediately, or even in a month or year. They require constant practice. You may even want to write the 10 habits in a journal and score yourself on them every day to consciously improve on your personal power. Thanks for reading everyone! I’m always fascinated with Napoleon Hill’s writings, and I hope you took something useful away as well.



Feature Photo Credit: Simon Matzinger of unsplash.com

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