Finding the Perfect Purse 

After many years of searching, I’ve finally found the right one 😍 . A recent study found that the average woman’s purse weighs 6.27 pounds. As heavy as that seems, mine were always way above average sized tote bags probably weighing in at 15. (Kidding, but not too far off…it’s probably why I have neck problems)

Anyways, I’ve decided to scale down a little after realizing I don’t need to have each of my belongings with me at all times. Between sunscreen, a larger sized wallet, snacks for a 7 year old, a smaller day planner, and sunglasses etc, I knew I couldn’t have something small either.

So, I’ve found the perfect dimensions I’d like to share with you for a purse: this 7 x 7 inch satchel. Being a Coach lover, I like that this chic bag compares in beauty, but costs a small fraction of a Coach bag.



We are of course all different! This was just my perfect find. It’s big enough, yet not clunky and I found it for $25 USD at Charming Charlie’s. It works great as a shoulder bag, as well as across the body and fits more in it than you think. Here’s the link to a similar style and size and I recommend checking out the Charming Charlie site as the average price range is $10-$40 USD.

Some other great stores for affordable, nice bags that I’ve found include Old Navy, Francesca’s, Aldo, and Macy’s!

Feel free to share with me some of your great bag finds. Thanks for reading!


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