22 Ways to Lift Your Spirits

These are some ideas I’ve put together to lift your spirits. I’ve found that the best way to be happier is by doing good for others. 🙂 Enjoy!

  1. Write a list of everything you’re grateful for.
  2. Join an organization that supports a cause you care about.
  3. Make a conscious effort to cut down on social media.
  4. Listen to an upbeat playlist.
  5. Create a fun photo collage.
  6. Practice self-care. Spa day, bubble bath, manicure…etc
  7. Call someone who makes you feel good every week.
  8. Read inspiring books.
  9. Write a positive review online for a business you love.
  10. Tell yourself a positive declaration in the mirror every morning.
  11. High-five someone who looks like they need it.
  12. Tell yourself how confident you are.
  13. Meditate in nature.
  14. Keep a journal of your weekly accomplishments.
  15. Listen to motivational podcasts.
  16. Avoid negative media sources.
  17. Pay someone a compliment.
  18. Write a letter thanking someone.
  19. Exercise regularly.
  20. Plan and cook a gourmet meal for your family.
  21. Read Proverbs in the bible.
  22. Send flowers to a friend just because.



Feature photo credit: Roman Kraft on unsplash

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