A Great Online Site for Purchasing Glasses

Hey everyone! Today I’m coming at you with some major savings if you’re looking to buy a pair of glasses. My first pair of glasses were close to $400 at the eye doctor…but now I’ve discovered an amazing site, so I won’t be paying that much anymore 🙂

Before buying glasses online I was skeptical of the concept, but then found out it’s really simple. All you have to do is obtain your prescription from your eye doctor and plug those numbers into the website once you find the frames you like. Glassesshop.com is really high quality, and I’m really satisfied with the two pairs I purchased (see feature photo) The two pairs I purchased from glassesshop.com are called Marquette Square in Tortoise & Crystal. They’re cute, professional, classy, and can be worn with any outfit.

Savings: The Marquette Square glasses cost $45.95 USD, but all glasses in the month of October are buy 1 pair, get 1 free. They also have a ton of savings codes you can enter in at check out displayed all over their site. If you want to get an EXTRA 6% in cash back be sure to click HERE first and then search for Glasses Shop in the search bar at Shop.com. The extra perk of buying from this site is that EACH pair came with a 30% off coupon for my next purchase. There’s some serious saving happening here…2 pairs of NICE glasses for under $50. It could be even less for you depending on what you purchase, and what savings codes you find. I saw a few pairs that were even under $20.

Below I’m sporting the Marquette Square glasses in Tortoise 🙂 I absolutely love them. I have a wider face and was nervous of the fit of these, but they don’t pinch by my ears or give a headache like some glasses do. Glassesshop.com offers men’s, women’s, and kid’s styles in addition to sunglasses. Thanks for reading my recommendation! I hope you’ve found it helpful.

-Laura #FourEyes




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