The 8 Traits of an Admirable Leader

This is leadership through my eyes, based on my life experiences thus far. True leaders are…

1. Passionate. You won’t ever see a leader who is indifferent about their cause and goal. A true leader won’t let the opinions of others get in the way of their passion and the attainment of their goal because their purpose is too strong to let anything stop them.

2. Modest. A leader is the one giving the credit away to others. Even though they have a huge role in the success of a team, they’re often the last ones to take credit and commend themselves.

3. Encouraging. They encourage people to do and become their best without having to control and micromanage their activities. Great leaders help develop other leaders.

4. Lead by example. Leaders realize that people duplicate what they do rather than what they’re told to do. Leaders inspire action.

5. Ethical. They never compromise their morals for personal gain, or for any other reason.

6. Self-Aware. Admiral people are always aware of their behaviors, words, and surroundings. They act with class and know the time and place for certain behaviors.

7. Decisive. They make decisions quickly which allows them to be efficient and productive. Decisive action is a major component to achievement.

8. Enthusiastic. People love being around positivity and can pick up on a genuinely enthusiastic person. It makes others want to be around you and can lead a team of people to great heights when backed with hard work.

Thanks for reading my 8 traits of admiral leaders! I’d love to hear your thoughts as well on what you admire in others 🙂



Feature photo credit: Ian Schneider of Unsplash

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