Let’s Face it, Part 2: post-cleanser

Let’s Face it Part 1 was about my two preferred facial cleansers and Part 2 is all about the post-shower skin care routine! Exciting stuff, klemme tell ya. Here are my 3 amazing secret weapons to keep my face a-glow.

Step 1. With a cotton ball I apply Lumiere de vie Toner to my face and neck after cleansing my face. This feels amazing because it’s very cool and refreshing! The point of a toner is to keep the skin looking balanced, and to keep a healthy, radiant looking complexion. It removes the excess dirt that may have been left behind after showering. Just like the Lumiere de Vie cleanser, it has a nice and light citrus smell. The convenient thing about this toner is it lasts forever!


Step 2. After toner I use my FAVORITE serum ever created. Seriously. It’s called Lumiere de vie Needle Free Serum and it does exactly what it sounds…it creates that wrinkle-free, instant lift look without a needle. I’m not sure what could be better. I apply this on my face and neck and also on my knee caps. (Knee caps, sounds weird…but I learned that trick from a woman who said aging really shows in the knees, so why not prevent it with some of the best anti-aging serum on the market?!) You can put it on target areas like under and around the eyes, lips and wherever you may have wrinkle spots. A little really goes a long way with this product! Below I even included a before and after photo taken by a customer of this product. It really is amazing stuff.

Needle Free serum
Before & After with the Needle Free Serum


Step 3. After letting the Needle Free Serum dry, I apply my favorite silky-smooth moisturizer. It’s called Vitashield Cellular Repair Therapy with Vitamin C. With every other moisturizer I’ve ever tried, I’ve had to apply layer after layer to actually moisturize my skin and get rid of pesky dry patches. With this also a little goes a long way, and it actually does what it claims. Topical application of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles help the skin feel firmer, and provides a smooth and bright complexion. It’s a great every day moisturizer for anti-aging.


Now, I do have one more secret weapon that I drink every day that attributes to the improvements of my skin…but I better save that for another post of it’s own because it’s THAT good. Stay tuned.

Again, if you’re wanting to take a free survey to determine exactly which skin care products are for you, be sure to click here for a Skin Care Analysis .  🙂  Thanks for checking out my post, I hope you enjoyed my recommendations!


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