5 Ways to Determine Blog Post Topics

Today I listened to a growing favorite podcast of mine entitled “The Blog Millionaire.” I recommend checking it out! This post today comes from Episode 69 “5 Secret Tactics Pro Bloggers use to come up with Great Blog Post Ideas.” I really liked his ideas, so I thought I’d share with you.

  1. Ask people what they want to read about. This could mean asking an open-ended question on social media like, “About to write a post…what would you like to read about?” Or send an email to your current blog subscribers asking them what they’d like to know. This is really powerful because you’re sure to write content that’s valuable to your readers.
  2. Social media surveys. This is a really appropriate way to use surveys. Give multiple choices as to what people would like to see in your blog!
  3. Talk about your challenges. It’s really effective to come up with a list of your challenges you’ve faced in your life, and then talk about what you learned. Your audience is real people, and they want to know you’re also real. Chances are they’ve gone through/are going through similar challenges and want know how to overcome them. This is a great way to connect with others through blogging. You could talk about health challenges, financial challenges, etc.
  4. Talk about trending news. This could mean any news happening or just industry news. A great way to find what’s trending is to search popular twitter hashtags or check yahoo finance. Be sure to find something happening that interests you. Once you have a story you’d like to talk about, recap that story and give your opinion. I do advise staying away from particularly controversial topics so you don’t isolate a percentage of your readers, but if done correctly, trending news can be really great blog topics.
  5. Make posts driven by keyword research. This is definitely something I have to learn more about. SEM rush is a great keyword research tool used to determine what the top items are that are being googled. This is a great way to gain exposure because you’re writing about things you know people want to read about.

I hope this post brought some value and insight to you! Again, be sure to check out The Blog Millionaire podcast for more great ways to market your blog. 🙂


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