Keeping a “Goal-endar”

We’re coming to the beginning of a new month, which is why I want to write this post 🙂 If you want a sure-fire way of prioritizing & accomplishing the things that are important to you, I suggest doing this one small thing. Personally, I’ve struggled a little bit with goals. I have a hard time determining exactly what I want. I struggle with reading my goals when I DO come up with what I want, and I struggle with organization and staying on track…do you relate? If so, you may benefit from something I came up with called keeping a “goal-endar.”

Buy a large desk calendar and keep it somewhere you’ll see it every single day (that’s key, because if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind). I suggest something simple where each page shows a month of the year with big block days like shown below:


At the top of the page next to the month’s name, I write in the things I want to accomplish throughout that month. These are the things I write:

  • Go running 8x and/or Yoga 12x
  • Read at least 2 books
  • Earn $_________ (insert your goal income for that month)
  • Produce _________  business volume.
  • Write 4 blogs
  • Attend a minimum of 2 business meetings/trainings
  • Attend Tae Kwon Do 6x
  • Attend Kickboxing 6x
  • Write in my grateful journal 15x
  • Fill in finance spreadsheet 2x
  • 20x productive work from home days.

You can write a list of whatever may be important for you to accomplish. When I do these things things on my list, I write them in the daily square. I actually get excited to come home and fill in my day of accomplishments. Doing this makes me WAY more conscious of the things I want and need to get done. The neat thing too is each month I find I’m always adding in more things I want to accomplish.

Then, on the last day of each month in the side column on the right, I write in my results. “Wrote 5 blog posts, made x dollars, ran 5 times, read 2 books, etc.” and I can evaluate my month. I don’t get down on myself for falling short of a goal, I just become more conscious of how I can improve next month. This method has dramatically helped me stay on track to accomplish the things I want, and to focus on result producing activities for my health, income, and education 🙂 I know it’ll help you too! If you decide to have a goal-endar, write me and let me know how it affects your life!



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