A Brain Spanking


Need a discipline wake-up? Whether you need a kick in the pants to wake up earlier in the morning, eat healthier, or have more appreciation for your life, let the author of the Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual, John “Jocko” Willink help you with that…Jocko is a retired US Navy SEAL who received the Silver Star and Bronze Star for his service in Iraq.

The book has a very unique appearance which caught my attention. Little did I know I’d be getting it as a Christmas gift from my fiance and I ended up reading it in only 24 hours. This book has re-programmed my mind. After you see the first page, you’ll understand it’s intrique:



Now that you have the foundation of the book’s intensity & no BS style, I’d like to give you my top take-aways from it.

  1. What drives you? What motivates you? In a section about figuring that out, Jocko explains that maybe you should just be driven by the fact that we’re lucky enough to have life. In his experience in war, he’d lost so many close friends that he is simply driven by the fact that he doesn’t want to take for granted what those men gave up- their life. He writes, “They fought and died to give me the gift of freedom. And for them, I will make every day count.” This outlook had a huge impact on my perspective.
  2. Ask yourself questions. Who are you? What have you learned today? What did you create today? What forward progress have you made? Who have you helped? What have you done to improve yourself today? Is this what I want to be? Is this all I can give? Do I accept that this is going to be my life? Do I need to make changes? Be honest with yourself. I talk about this is my blog post about creating a “Grateful Journal” where you actually write on paper these types of things before bed to become more aware of what you accomplish each day.
  3. The fear of failure keeps people held back. What we should be more afraid of is waking up in 5 days, 5 years, 50 years being no closer to a goal having made no progress toward something you want and could have. Be more afraid of being stagnant.
  4. Death isn’t fair, but it’s also inescapable. Death is a part of life. People we’ve lost can teach us how precious life is, how blessed we are to wake up, and to live every day with purpose. We have the ability to revere their memory and embrace what death can teach us.
  5. Wake up early. Prepare for your day. There’s magic in waking up before others and before the sun. After finishing this book I decided to set my alarm the next day for two hours earlier than normal and go for a run. I felt so accomplished the entire day because I hadn’t slept in. I ate healthier because I was more aware of my health after exercising first thing. And it was nice to not feel rushed when getting ready to take my daughter to school.

These are just some of the many great points in the book. Thanks for reading my post today! I hope it had some enlightening info for you, and I recommend everyone read Discipline Equals Freedom. 🙂


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