10 Social Media Post Ideas

We all want to enhance our social media presence, but somedays the creativity just doesn’t flow as easily as others. For those days, I’ve put together a guide you can refer to for help 🙂 If you’re wanting to get attention to your sites because of business, I’ve found that using the 80/20 rule is really effective. 80% personal posts, and 20% biz. Here are some ideas for that 80% to get the eyes on what you’re doing. Enjoy these ideas!

  • Ask for advice. Maybe you’re heading out on the town and can’t decide on which shoes go best with your outfit. Post the photos and ask for your friend’s advice. People love to help out and share their opinion. I’ve even asked my Facebook friends if they refrigerate their butter or not… it got quite an interesting conversation going! You’d be surprised by the littlest things that generate interest and comments on social media.
  • Share about something healthy. If you just finished up a great workout, share what it was. Maybe you just ran farther than your goal distance…share how much you accomplished! People love seeing how others stay healthy. This could even include the ingredients to the smoothie you’re currently enjoying, or your secret source of energy. I personally love sharing what I’m drinking because I have a variety of health drinks I enjoy. 
  • Inspirational Quote. I’m an inspirational quote junkie. Pinterest has a ton of cute quotes, or you can make your own! I love the app “Typorama” for making cute quote photos & posters.  I tend to stray from sharing quotes that are really cliche and over-shared. I like bringing new and profound ones to the table that I know are new to other people as well.
  • Share someone else’s work. There’s nothing better than edifying others! People love to be appreciated, and it feels good to spotlight them. If a friend or colleague wrote an amazing blog, share it and compliment them. 
  • Post a before and after photo. This is a great way to generate interest on social media. Whether you had success with a certain workout routine, or improved the look of your skin, share away! Again, if a friend posted an impressive before and after photo, share theirs too!
  • Fun fact or interesting statistic. Learn something new? Let other’s know about it. Random, fun facts are interesting to all. Maybe it’s something related to the industry you’re involved in, or it’s something that pertains to everyone. There are some great Twitter accounts that share “random fun facts” or “wtf facts” and they’re fun to follow and get ideas from.
  • Share a success story. If you’ve gone through a positive life change, people love to support your journey. Share the anniversary date in which you quit smoking or decided to go for that dream job or cut out sugar. Whatever it is, use social media as a means for support and accountability. 
  • Write a product review. This day in age, people get almost ALL of their info from social media. Word of mouth is now the biggest means of advertising in our society, so share those reviews with all of your audience.
  • Post a humorous meme. Never be afraid to share humor. If you primarily use social media to expand a business, or for work purposes it’s still a good idea to show your personality and attract people to you because you’re not afraid to show your upbeat side. 
  • Heartfelt story. Don’t be afraid to get personal. However, sometimes you have to be careful of being too personal and weirding people out. A great example of a heartfelt story is posting if you saw someone help out the elderly or homeless. Maybe you heard a child say something adorable…those are all great things to share to brighten people’s day.


Feature photo credit:  Bence Boros of unsplash.com

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