Manifesting Money

Today’s post is inspired by the brilliant author, Jen Sincero and her book “You are a Badass at Making Money.” You may have read her vibrant yellow-covered book entitled “You are a Badass.” In this book about “the green” (I’m talking about money, not…well, you know) a different approach is taken than the normal money advice talking about the importance of budgets and saving. This book is more about manifesting money.

What does that mean?

Our thoughts are so powerful. Our words are so powerful. Putting the right thoughts and words together can be life-changing. Manifesting means literally speaking or thinking something into existence. Because our thoughts and words affect our actions so much, we can see why this happens. We must first rid our minds of our money-limiting beliefs such as wanting it makes us greedy or vain. Or that we can’t have it because our parents never did. Or we aren’t worthy of being rich….and the list goes on and on. SO here in this blog I’ve included by 5 favorite money “mantras” that when spoken daily (out loud) can have such a powerful impact on your subconscious mind to actually obtain it:

Money Mantra no. 1- “I love money because it’s the root of so much awesome.” it’s true…money has such a negative stigma, but honestly we can do a lot of good with money.

Money Mantra no. 2- “I love money because it comes when I call.” believe that money is attracted to you and is easy to obtain.

Money Mantra no. 3- “I love money because it can make me more of who I truly am.” money gives us the ability to do more of what we love, give more, and experience more.

Money Mantra no. 4- “I love money because it gives me freedom.”

Money Mantra no. 5- “I will not give up until I’ve acquired all the wealth I desire.”


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