30 Things Accomplished Before Turning 30


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I decided to sit down today and write a list of things I’m proud to have accomplished before my 30th birthday which was back in November. This post is not meant to toot my own horn. We all have that unique list, and I hope this inspires you to think about your accomplishments. Regardless of your age, it can be 40 before turning 40, 20 before turning 20 etc! 🙂

Here’s my 30 before 30: (in no particular order)

1. Learned to play the guitar and was once an avid song writer and performer

2. Surfed on Lake Michigan and purchased my own 8’6″ surfboard

3. Gave birth to my beautiful daughter

4. Purchased & have consistently used a gym membership

5. Left toxic relationships

6. Quit smoking

7. Attended 2.5 years of college for Accounting and realized that wasn’t for me. However, I  was certified for a year to do taxes for the community and obtained great knowledge that I still use today.

8. Started an online shopping business

9. Made a lot of positive friends

10. Started reading books

11. Read over 80 personal growth books in 2 years

12. Accumulated 13 years of ppl skills (customer service) between Starbucks & bartending

13. Found my self worth and made the decision to stop putting up with a$$holes

14. Became a good cook (baking is a different story…)

15. Started an inspirational blog

16. Watched my daughter grow while instilling what I believe to be important values

17. Ran a half marathon

18. Stood in Times Square

19. Made every type of Frappuccino and Cappuccino known to man

20. Started taking Kickboxing & Tae Kwon Do which test me more physically and mentally than any other activities

21. Made friends and acquaintances in all walks of life

22. Obtained 3 Motives Cosmetics Training Certificates and can custom blend makeup

23. Traveled to/through almost every state on the East Coast

24. Became more confident in myself because of frequently stepping outside of my comfort zone

25. Watched every Andy Griffith episode ever created with my daughter over the course of her life

26. Obtained a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do

27. Kept in touch with great childhood friends

28. Met the man of my dreams

29. Said “yes” to the man of my dreams

30. Booked a gorgeous wedding venue (Just after turning 30, but that’s a minor detail)IMG_0464Nope, I’ve never made a Thanksgiving turkey, and I haven’t purchased a home just yet, but it was nice to stop and think about what I have done; and you should too! What’s your list?

Feature photo credit: Trevor Gerzen of unsplash.com


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