Customizable Makeup

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Lately I’ve been having so much fun creating custom blended liquid/powder foundations, eye shadows, blushes, and bronzers! The unique thing about the Motives Custom Blend kit is that you’re able to match to the exact skin tone, finish, and special skin care needs of your clients- and you get to feel like a scientist doing it.



The liquid foundation kit comes with base colors, toners, modifiers, and lots more! One of the fun, newer modifiers that I absolutely love is the whipping creme additive. It makes liquid foundation like a soufflé consistency and it’s so light and fluffy. Yesterday I created a custom blend recipe for my Mom’s foundation and I thought I’d share it with you!

Her recipe:

  • 5 ml SPF for a little bit of sun protection
  • 2 scoops Mattifier for a more matte finish
  • Porcelain & Beige base colors mixed equally
  • 1 pump white toner
  • 1 pump  pink toner
  • 1.0 ml Ultra Soothing modifier for her slightly sensitive skin
  • 1.0 ml Hydrator to offset her dry, winter skin
  • 1.0 ml Ultra Firming to soften & tighten her skin
  • 2 pumps Fringe Benefits to add a moisturizing primer


She was thrilled with learning the process & watching me mix everything together and decided she wanted to create her own custom eye shadow. Below on the left is her mixing Jade & Lapis to get her perfect color, and on the right is a bronzer I created 🙂


She wouldn’t let me sneak in any before and after photos, but I plan to post some of others soon!


Feature photo credit: Raphael Lovaski

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