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Good morning, readers! How many of you love to shop online? What are some of your favorite stores? When I first bought my online shopping franchise I wasn’t aware of all the different shopping sites out there. The company I partnered with just so happened to have a partnership with thousands of online stores that pay cash back and income to us owners. One of the stores I want to highlight today is because although they sometimes don’t offer cash back, they have great prices everyday!

These are some of my favorite features that offers:

  • They have everything you could need. From groceries, to clothing, to books, you name it!
  • Their prices are comparable, if not lower than what you’d find Amazon. Every time you add to your cart, your total decreases.
  • Shipping is free over $35
  • They have an Easy Reorder feature
  • They have 2 day delivery
  • Free Returns

Next time you need anything for your household, I recommend checking out this fun site! It has a great design and is extremely user-friendly! If you want to make sure you get all the coupon codes for the site, be sure to first download Shop Buddy 🙂 Thanks for reading!



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