How to Write a Goal Statement


Over the last few years I’ve really learned the importance of writing a goal statement and reading it out loud on the daily. I first learned this concept in a business seminar, and then read all about it in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill (and in all of his books for that matter).

Why is it so important? In my opinion it’s because reading your goals out loud feeds your subconscious mind. When your subconscious mind is given that proper fuel, your actions align with your goals and what you read on paper begins to manifest in real life.

Something I find difficult though is determining what I want, and you may find that too! A great way is to grab a pen and paper and determine:

To live: Where do you want to live? What kind of home do you see yourself in? What is your dream business/career etc.?

To love: What does your family look like? How many children do you want? Do you want to be married? Where is your dream wedding?

To learn: Do you want to learn a new language or instrument or skill? Those types of things… and lastly,

To leave a legacy: Do you want a foundation in your name? How do you want to be remembered? What things will you hand down? What will your lasting memory be?

Once you’ve brainstormed what you want and what your life looks like, here’s a great outline for writing out your goal statement. I learned this outline from a young man at a business convention. He stressed the importance of reading it every morning once you wake up and every evening before bed.

“I’m (3 positive adjectives to describe yourself) energetic, determined, and ethical. I take action each and every day to (describe what it is you envision yourself doing & being great at) teach households how to save and make money with the shopping annuity concept. I’m so blessed because (name things you’re thankful for). I want to achieve my goals because (name the reasons in your legacy brainstorming section) Add anything else you value and put it in terms of how you feel that you’ve already accomplished it; such as if you’re studying for your engineering degree, “I’m so happy I have the career I’ve been wanting where I can be creative and have a steady income.” If it’s a family you’re wanting state, “I’m so blessed that I’m marrying that man of my dreams and our healthy family is growing.” Be sure to end your goal statement with, “This is my life, and my success is non negotiable.” Signed & Dated at the bottom.

I hope this helps you with organizing and writing your goals! When you take action daily to read this aloud, you’ll begin to notice things lining up in favor of your goals 🙂




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