Summer-y Scents for Your Home


Today’s post is mostly inspired by my obsession with candles! I wanted to share with you my favorite scents for room sprays, and candles for summer. I’ve always been a person who’s sensitive to heavily scented lotions and perfumes, so all of these scents are really light and fresh. I did this post because I love how smells can make you feel a certain way, or remember past times. I hope you enjoy!

The Pier 1 Import Sunset Citrus Candle smells amazing. I know I’ve featured this scent before in my post about brightening up your home with goodies from Pier 1! It’s a blend of grapefruit, tangerine and black currant with raspberry vanilla and sandalwood. Yum.




My next recommendations are The Blue Hawaiian and Pink Velvet Cupcake candles from The Pink Velvet has a scent of pink jasmine, sugared vanilla, and a touch of citrus. I always love when I walk into the kitchen and it smells like I’ve baked something amazing (it’s kind of a mean joke to play on my fiancé when he’s expecting cupcakes as he walks in the door and it’s just a candle…anywho). The Blue Hawaiian is pineapple, maraschino cherry, and coconut cream (I LOVE COCONUT)! The Blue Hawaiian makes me feel like I’m getting ready to lay out in the sun.




Next is the the Sweet Coconut candle from TJ Maxx. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned yet how much I love coconut…This scent is summer time in a jar.




Lastly, I want to feature the Snap All Fresh Room & Fabric Spray. It’s a part of the Snap Essentials Kit on This whole kit has got to be the most handy, cost effective, and green cleaning pack ever. It includes 3-packs of the little dissolvable pouches of All-Purpose Cleaner; Sanitary Bathroom Cleaner, All Fresh, Stain Remover, Dishwashing Liquid and 5 labeled bottles to mix your cleaning products in. This room spray is ALL I use in our bathrooms. It’s not a heavy-duty cleaning scent (because we all know those never smell good after using in the bathroom…). It’s just light and fresh.


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P.s, one more thing! Speaking of scents, stay tuned for an upcoming blog post I’ll be doing on my featured line of essential oils by Royal Spa, and the most affordable oil diffusers…





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