Tying the Knot with theknot.com


Today’s post is about using TheKnot.com to help plan your wedding. I’ve been making my way around this site because my fiancé and I are planning our wedding for next June! My best friend told me to use this site because of their awesome wedding check list, and what I found was that they have a ton of cool features 🙂 here they are…


-> A wedding day count down! You input your name & wedding day and you suddenly know you have 455 days to go until the big day. Love that!


-> Your own free, personal wedding site. You may have seen couple’s sharing their wedding site links before on save the date cards. Yes, it’s free! So, why not? It’s customizable and all of the layouts are so cute. There’s even a section for photos and “how you met.”

-> Wedding time line a checklist. This list has everything you can think of to check off before your big day. From the photographer, to the caterer, to the registry, it won’t let you forget a thing, and you check them off virtually as you go! You can even download The Knot App to have with you wherever you go! 


-> An area to type in your wedding guest list. I love this site because it’s so great for keeping all of your lists, notes and records in one place. 

-> An ideas & advice page. This page shows ideas when it comes to budgeting,  jewelry/accessories, even gorgeous destination recommendations. The advice comes from professional wedding planners who know the best of the best. 

-> They can help you plan the wedding’s style. Whether you’re looking for rustic, or modern, or something in between, the style experts help you put together a board of ideas. 

-> Recommended shops. You can shop right through the website for whatever you need for the big day! It makes things easier because you’re not sent out on a huge hunt all around the internet. They bring the shop ideas to you. 

-> A percentage tracker of your planning progress. There can be a lot involved in this whole process, and sometimes it’s nice to know how much you’ve completed when you’re feeling swamped. The site will tell you that you’re exactly 45% done planning your wedding. 

I’m sure if you browse around the site you’ll find other little benefits to using it. I hope this helps you on your wedding planning journey! 🙂 Thanks for reading.




Feature Photo Credit: Shardayyy Photography on unsplash.com


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