My Favorite Health Tracking App


Today I discovered Argus, an awesome calorie and fitness tracking app. I’ve tried others, but in my opinion, Argus is the most user-friendly. My biggest struggle is not really paying attention to what I put in my mouth. A whole day will go by and I didn’t make a conscious effort to eat properly. With this app, I’m really hoping to change that because I’ll be tracking everything and will be able to see exactly what’s in the food I’m consuming!


—>First you put in your current weight and goal weight. You also include your current level of activity and a few other pieces of info. Based on what you input, they give you a daily recommended calorie amount. (I find this really helpful because if I lose track of what I eat everyday, I tend to overeat!)

—>Once you’ve got your account set up, you search the foods you consume within the app. It shows every detail about that food. For example, today I had a brat for breakfast. (Strange, yes….but I live in Wisconsin lol) It showed me how many calories, protein, sugar, carbs that brat had. It takes the consumed calories and subtracts them from your allowed total, and shows what you’ve got left for the day.



—> As you see above, there’s an area for exercise as well. You can also track your water and caffeine intake; I actually just got a reminder to my phone that its been 90 mins since my last glass of water…so handy!


—> It’s also like a social platform. You can find friends, health articles, recipes, types of eating plans, you name it.

—>They offer a “meal plan” page that shows, ketogenic plans, paleo plans, low sodium plans, muscle building, clean eating, mediterranean, heart strong, and the list goes on.


Check it out, I hope you like it and find it helpful 🙂 -Laura





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