My Custom Blend Foundation Recipe



Hey beautiful people! A few weeks back I did a blog post describing the ingredients in my Mother’s custom blend foundation recipe. Well, today I ran out of my own, so I quick whipped up some more. Having that ability is pretty handy! Below you can see some of the things I used 🙂



Here’s a run down of what I all blend together:

—> 10 ml Beauty Balm Cream. AKA Beauty Balm makes your foundation’s coverage more sheer.

—> 2 pumps Pearl Toner. This makes a dewy finish vs. matte or natural.

—> 20 ml Beige (oil-free) Base. I use this since I’m a lighter medium skin tone.

—> 3 pumps White Toner

—> 1 pump Yellow Toner

—> 1 pump Blue Toner. These toner colors just even things out to perfect your foundations match to your skin. (It’s best to see the results in natural light)

—> 1.0 ml Hydrator Modifier. I have slightly dry skin, not so much in the summer, but I just like to add Hydrator regardless for those dry areas around my nose/chin.

—> 1 pump Fringe Benefit. This is a great primer for dry/balanced skin.

—> 1 smidgen Sunlight Gold Luminescence Powder. This gives just a hint of gold shimmer which looks really pretty in summer! It can also be great if you’re missing that glow in the winter months too. (below)


Sunlight Gold Luminescence Powder on the left. My foundation mixture on the right.


—> Lastly I added 3 drops Whipping Créme Modifier. This makes the makeup light and fluffy. I’m obsessed with how this textures the makeup & it goes on so silky!


In addition to making liquid blends, I also love doing powder blends as well. There are a ton of fun colors to play with to also make eye shadows, lip stains, bronzers, blushes, you name it! If you live in my area, I’ll be doing a fun custom blend event at the end of April and would love to see you there 🙂


Thanks so much for reading! xoxoxo Laura

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