Loving These 3 Body Lotions


Good morning readers 🙂 Today I’m sharing with you my 3 favorite lotions, and I love each of them for different reasons. But they’re all the same in that they all smell SO GOOD, and they keep your skin really hydrated. So here are my top 3 best smelling, most moisturizing body lotions:


—> Macadamia Whipped Lotion (in favorite scent: Coconut Cream) from Olivu426.com. This lotion has 3 ingredients: macadamia nut oil, purified water, and beeswax. If you choose to add a fragrance, you get to choose from almost 100 different scents. I am completely obsessed with the Coconut Cream scent and highly recommend it because it’s light and tropical. Macadamia oil is full of anti-oxidants and vitamin e, which help fight free radicals and leave a youthful, moisturized glow. This feels like fluffy whipped cream! Also, if you read up on this business, you’ll find a really neat story behind the products.

Macadamia Whipped Lotion



—> Triple Revitalizing Complex Lotion by Skintelligence is meant to be used on the neck and face, and is a time-release product also filled with anti-oxidants to promote a youthful appearance. However, I use it as an all-over body lotion. This is the most moisturizing lotion I’ve owned. The dry air in winter doesn’t stand a chance against this stuff, it’s like my little secret weapon! Because the Skintelligence line is a botanical line, it has a slightly floral scent.

Triple Revitalizing Complex Lotion



—> Pentaxyl is the 3rd lotion I’d like to feature. This product is SO GOOD for so many things! First of all, there are a ton of testimonies with this and the disappearance of stretch marks and other scars. People pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to have special treatments for the removal of stretch marks! If you check this stuff out online, you can find a ton of testimonies! It’s amazing because it fights against aging, can be used on the face and body, reduces wrinkles, thickens the skin and helps the skin produce collagen, evens skin tone, and increases skin hydration. Talk about a wonder product! All three of these gems sit in my cabinet and are used on the daily 🙂



Thank you all so much for reading my product review today! I’d love to hear what you like using & your favorite products you keep in the bathroom drawer!! -Laura 🙂


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