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Are you looking for some home office inspiration? Browsing around the web inspired me to do a few-part series on some beautiful homes, rooms, and decor. This part today will be on cute home office spaces. I’ll include the credit for each photo so you can track them down (if you choose so choose) to get the details on whatever’s in the room! Enjoy 🙂


The Minimalist’s Office: Let’s be real, nobody’s home office looks like this (below). However, lately I did do some major cleaning house to have just a plant, candle, and small file drawer in my office space. Let’s see how long that lasts! No but really, an organized space makes for an organized mind. Sometime’s simpler is better.

bench-accounting-49909-unsplash (1)
unsplash-logoBench Accounting


unsplash-logoGabriel Beaudry



The Home Library Office: There’s nothing I love more than a home library. Add in the huge windows for brightness and the modern layout, and it’s perfect! #goals


unsplash-logoJilbert Ebrahimi


unsplash-logoVictor Xok



The Creative Space: Maybe your hobby is also your work so your home office looks like this! Or maybe you incorporate some of your creative side to inspire you to stop working for awhile and unwind. Incorporating fun things into your work space might be just what you need to love that space a bit more.


unsplash-logoWes Hicks


unsplash-logoRob Bye



Super Decorated: Personally I love a lot of decoration. Sometimes it’s hard or me to reel it in and not go over-board. Sometimes our favorite artwork or photos are just what we need to kick it up a notch and turn a dull space into something more fun to be in. I love how in this one they have magazine articles and pictures clipped to the wall.


unsplash-logoJason Briscoe


unsplash-logoConnor Limbocker



Girly: There’s never anything wrong with glamming things up a bit and same goes for the opposite; turning your office into a man cave. Do what you love! I personally love pink so…this one is one of my favorite desk setups. (You can purchase that quote from Target FYI I had to investigate immediately lol)


unsplash-logoArnel Hasanovic




The Tech Space: Have your own little technology getaway in a quiet area of the house. This just looks so organized and perfect for productivity!

farzad-nazifi-71686-unsplash (1)

unsplash-logoFarzad Nazifi



Bright & Clean: Love this one because it’s so inviting. The biggest thing I’ve taken away from writing this post is make your office space somewhere you want to be. When you feel good about your surroundings, you’re bound to be more productive. I love the little accents in this room. The lamp, the ‘never settle’ reminder, and the plant 🙂 it’s the little things!



I hope you found this inspiring! Thank you for reading -Laura

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