Eating Breakfast W/ Mom


Today my fiancé was out of town for work, so my 8 year old daughter and I woke up and had breakfast at my parent’s house. You know how life (especially in the morning) gets a little crazy and you don’t always get to eat a gourmet breakfast? Well, today my Mom spoiled us.

Not only was it nice to sit and have coffee with my parents, but my Mom literally served us a home-made parfait in a wine glass. She has been raving about a coffee shop she went to that made “healthy banana splits.” Her rendition was this:

-> slice a banana into a large wine glass

-> top with vanilla greek yogurt. our favorite greek yogurt is the oikos triple zero vanilla greek yogurt because we try to cut out sugar as much as possible. the nice thing about this brand is it’s high in protein.

-> she likes to add whipped cream, but I passed on that part because I am a lame square who can’t eat much sugar for breakfast if I don’t want to pass out by 10am from blood sugar issues.

-> top with granola. cascadian farms organic french vanilla almond granola is the best, you won’t be disappointed!

-> add more fruit of choice. my mom used raspberries and blueberries.

Boom, there you have a delicious and healthy breakfast that makes you feel like you’re eating something very fancy (especially when eaten out of a wine glass). Thanks Mom, for starting my day out in a special way!









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2 thoughts on “Eating Breakfast W/ Mom

  1. Oh M Gosh! This is what I have been making for breakfast for the last three weeks, no joke! Well minus the banana part, but I’m totally going to add that next time!

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