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I decided to start writing some posts to feature other people and their accomplishments, so here we go! Tonight’s post is inspired by not only an incredibly smart and talented blogger, but she’s also my best friend, Sam. Sam’s the type of person who doesn’t want the spotlight, but deserves it because of her awesome & rare attitude towards life.

She’s the author of the UNDOMESTICMRS blog, a photographer, former Starbucks barista (with me), and wife. You should definitely check her out- only if you’d enjoy a glimpse into the life of someone who has come out on top after experiencing shit storms, adventures, and everything in between. She started doing something called “real talk Tuesdays,” and has a really interesting writing style because it incorporates great perspectives laced with humor and truth bombs.

Ok, so here we are on our typical FaceTime call (like I said, she doesn’t like the spotlight, so she doesn’t really like people seeing her face):



Kidding! This is much better…



We FaceTime because we met when she and her husband lived in WI near me, but they did end up moving away across the country for new adventures. We knew instantly that we’d be friends because we’re what you call “brain twins” because we’re always thinking what the other person is saying. Another phrase we use frequently is that we give each other “battery recharges” when we hang out/talk. Those types of friends are must-haves. If reading our interview below doesn’t make you want to follow her blog, I don’t know what to tell ya lol

The Interview:

What is a typical day in the life of Sam?

>>> These days it’s not too exciting, since we recently moved into our new house and I’m in a very “transitional” phase at the moment between waiting for photography season to start and figuring out exactly what we want to do now that we are back on the east coast.  But most Mon’s through Fri’s I get up about ten minutes after Anthony and once he’s done getting ready for work, I drive him to the train station.  After coming home and eating two or three breakfasts, I fire up the computer and start trying to bang out a blog post. Sometimes I already have an idea in mind, and other times I have to sit and think on it for a while.  A while being anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour. If I have severe writer’s block, I try to think about things that either annoyed me or stood out to me over the last week or so, and when that doesn’t work, I head to reddit.com and peruse the endless forums for some inspiration… you never know what will trigger an idea!  After my “blog work” is done for the day, I spend a little time reading other blogs and trying to market my own before moving onto cleaning whatever needs cleaning, and avoiding the biggest hurdle of my day — making dinner. I tend to set aside a good hour or two for this task. My rule of thumb is take the recipe’s “total time” and double or triple it for my undomestic disabilities in the kitchen– not to mention, my oven sucks. Once I’m done butchering dinner, I quickly give thanks that I am done with that for another day, and head off to pick up Anthony. Once we’re home, I spend the rest of the night eating, showering, and going to bed to wake up and do it all again the next day! Not exactly the most exciting life over here! Haha 🙂

What inspired you to start a blog?

>>> I’ve always been very into the internet and social media, even before it was really a thing. As a kid I loved to write and take photos, and documenting life pretty quickly became a habit of mine. Especially since my memory is horrific at times, lol. In middle school I took my love for documenting and social media, and satisfied both of those cravings on LiveJournal.com with my very first blog. I was super into writing about my day or giving commentary on whatever show I watched the night before, and found others in that community who were into the same thing. I met quite a few people back in the LJ days that I’m still friends with today, actually! Eventually LiveJournal started to feel like it was for babies, and I moved to Blogger.com with a brand new blog. But, I’m the type of person who finds things getting stale after a little while, so about three blogs later, I packed up and moved to WordPress to sort of really take this show on the road, haha. Flash forward to today, I’m still writing at my blog undomesticmrs.com going on six years now– the longest I’ve ever stayed at one blog, and slowly trying to build my following into something that can eventually become a real income! I’m not sure it’ll ever reach that point nor if I’ll ever be able to produce the sort of content necessary for that, but I’m enjoying giving it a shot! 🙂

What is the best thing you took from moving across the US?

>>> YOU! 😀 If we had never moved from Connecticut to Wisconsin, I never would have met the best friend I’ve ever had! 🙂  Hehe. But if you’re looking for something a little more elaborate, I’d have to say, a higher level of independence that I otherwise probably never would’ve had. Back before we moved to Wisconsin, I’m going to be honest– a move an HOUR from my family felt like something I’d never be able to do. I always worried that my being a total wuss about moving away was going to really hold Anthony back in his career as an architect. So, when the time came for us to back up and leave life behind and start over 1000 miles (17 hours by car) from everything we’d ever knew, trust me, no one was more surprised than I was that I was willing to go. It was an unwilling willing, but willing nonetheless 😜. Before I moved I didn’t drive much on the highway, I didn’t venture outside of my comfort zone, I didn’t know how to be a wife (we were engaged at the time), and I was kind of timid in my ambitions, despite having a lot of them.  Once I moved though, I felt a freedom I had never experienced, nor expected. A freedom to sort of figure out who I really was without everyone I grew up with watching like I was in a fish bowl. I was able to find the cajones to start my own photography business, I found myself driving all over the state of Wisconsin for jobs, and I just sort of morphed into a person I liked a lot better than the person I was back in CT. So, if I can give anyone a piece of some arguably irrational advice, it’s to pack up and move away at least once in your life. Whether its for college, or for work, or just because you can. Do it, because you will discover parts of you you didn’t even know existed, and while it’s hard to be far from everyone you know, the people you meet and the experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise had make it all worth it!

What activities would fill up your perfect day?

>>> Oh gosh, anything in Florida (especially now when I’m still cold in MID APRIL). It’s where we vacation and we haven’t been in ages. Florida mornings are my favorite– waking up relaxed and heading to Starbucks before walking in the heat under the palm trees… ugh. I’m so ready for summer! As for the afternoon, I’d love a good photo session on the beach followed by dinner by the ocean with a walk on the beach afterward. Squeeze in some real estate and ice cream in between, and it’s pretty much a perfect day for me! Haha 🙂

Three secrets for having such beautiful hair (lol as you all saw above^):

>>> LOL. First off, thank you. Second lmao, I don’t even know, because all I see is a hot mess. Let’s see… I haven’t been to a salon in about a year (so I have about 5 inches of roots coming in) but I trim it myself based on what I remember my stylist doing when I would watch her cut it (I have wanted to be a hair stylist since I was about 7). I used a mask once a week, just a cheap Garnier Whole Blends mask from Walmart for $1.25 each. I wash it every other day and take prenatal vitamins regularly even though I’m not pregnant? Hahaha. I’m not sure! Lol! 😂

What are your favorite topics to write about?

>>> I’ve really been into this new “feature” I have every week called Real Talk Tuesday. Certain things that are widely accepted as “normal” nowadays tend to get under my skin, so I reserve Tuesdays for my day of calling those things out, and sort of deviating from my blog that I otherwise try to keep sort of positive-ish? Hehe. That and my undomestic failures, since my blog title is Undomestic Mrs. There is no shortage of those fails, but I have to admit they have been few and far between on the blog lately since we have spent three of the last four months in a hotel. Which means no cooking or cleaning of any kind really. I did shrink a shirt in the wash a couple weeks ago though…

Thanks Sam for taking the time to answer my questions, and most importantly for being freakin’ awesome in every way! People like you need to be featured on the daily 🙂 xoxo

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  1. Awww Klemme you’re the sweetest! Thanks so much for reaching out and including me in this, and I’m sorry my responses were SO LONG lol! I’m the lucky one for knowing you!! 💖

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