Featuring The Article: 77 Uses for Coconut Oil


Coconut oil! You constantly hear all about it and how it can be used for everything. I’ve never personally tried using it to cook, or for beauty purposes….until now.

My sister and I took a trip to Trader Joe’s (which can really be it’s own blog post because there are so many cool finds there) and I bought their brand of coconut oil with the means of using it for sautéing vegetables. I ended up researching all of its different uses and I want to feature the best article I found. I might be a little late to jump on the bandwagon, but that doesn’t make me any less excited!

It’s called 77 Coconut Oil Uses by Dr. Axe in the Food is Medicine Blog. 

After reading that I was so excited! Who knew you could do so many cool things with it?! Also, who knew it had SO many health benefits?! Some of my favorite uses include…

—-> Swish the oil in your mouth for a natural mouth wash

—-> Use as a natural cellulite & stretch mark reducer

—-> Shaving cream or massage oil

—-> Add to your coffee for more of an energy booster (or just eat by the spoonful lol)

—-> Cheek bone highlighter and lip balm

—-> Boosts immunity and fights cancer

—-> Balances hormones

And these are just a few of the 77! Definitely check the article out, and see for yourself.

Thanks for reading! -Laura


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  1. Love swishing coconut oil! Lol, actually I hate it because it feels gross and makes me gag. But I do do it, bahaha. 😂 Love letting it sit in my hair too, in the summer. I didn’t know about the immunity properties though!! So awesome!

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