3 Pink Motives Lipsticks I’m Loving for Summer



Over the years I’ve had some staple lip colors I turn to that I’d like to feature today. Since they’re great summer colors, it’s just in time for that season. Motives is a top-notch quality cosmetic line and is featured globally from in salons, to on celebrities, to in makeup artists hands. Here are my 3 favorite Motives pink lipsticks!


[1] Motives Collagen Core Lipstick

Color: Sincere

Why I love it: Being a collagen core lipstick, this formula is super moisturizing. The shimmery, light pink pigment looks amazing with any skin tone. This is my most go-to color because it also goes with any outfit.





[2] Motives Ultra Matte Lipstick

Color: Fetish 

Why I love it: I’ll be honest, I didn’t think matte was my thing. However, this color is beautiful, so I couldn’t resist trying it. It turned out to be the shade I had always been searching for! It’s gorgeous. I do have to prep my lips a little for matte (with a lip pumice & vitamin e) but then the color looks even better because it doesn’t dry your lips out.






[3] Motives All-day Liquid Matte Stick

Color: Guava

Why I love it: This goes on as a silky liquid and it lasts forever. The color is actually a tad lighter than my xo photo shows below… I may have been a tad in a shadow! But the photo on the left shows it’s true color. I always have this one in my purse.


Feel free to visit the links to see all of the colors offered in these lipsticks! Thank you for reading my Friday review 🙂





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