Fending off Sugar Cravings


I’m sorry for the photo that makes us all wanna go and eat donuts right now!! Maybe you love sugar and sugar loves you…unfortunately I personally feel weak and cranky after eating most sweets, so it doesn’t really love me back. I battle with this all the time! “Maybe I’ll just have a little…” and then it turns into A LOT, and for me personally, the aftermath is not such a good thing.

This blog post is for the people who want a healthier alternative to cake & cookies or to cut back and reel in those sugar cravings all together. If you don’t need to, more power to ya 🙂



TIP NO. 1—> Keep some “healthy treats” on hand.


Woats are SO GOOD and they’re one of my favorite healthy treats (especially in the Cookies n Dream flavor)! They’re an all natural oat snack that satisfies your sweet tooth with less sugar than most items but they still taste amazing. If I find I’m having a sugar attack, I like to eat a handful of these. You can even buy them from Walmart. I know there are a bunch of great ones out there! What’s your favorite healthy treat?



TIP NO. 2—> Do your best to eat a lot of vegetables.


I’ve found that the more I stick to a really healthy diet of fruits, proteins and vegetables, the less I crave junk food. However, I know it’s a slippery slope that once I slide off track, it’s really hard to get back on track! Recently for breakfast I’ve been scrambling eggs with brussel sprouts, broccoli, cilantro, and tomatoes and after eating a healthy breakfast, I usually don’t wanna screw it up later in the day lol.



TIP NO. 3—> Try OPC 3 Chews instead of candy.opc

They may look and taste like Starbursts, but they’re actually really good for you. This product contains super-strong antioxidants that help boost immunity, help maintain cardiovascular and blood health, lower cholesterol, help with joints, maintains healthy blood sugar levels, and the list goes on and on (allergy sufferers may even find relief with this). I keep these in my purse for my daughter and I to pop in our mouths if we want a treat.



TIP NO. 4 —> Drink plenty of water.


I really have to improve on this one! Drinking plenty of water helps because similar to eating healthy, when your body is hydrated enough, you naturally have less sugar cravings. It will also make you feel fuller.



TIP NO. 5 —> Eat regularly.


If someone skips a meal, they’re likely to over-indulge at some point. The more consistently your eating schedule is, the easier it is to stick to healthy choices. I also think that if you do give in to a cookie or some ice cream, don’t beat yourself up. It’s better to enjoy it than to go crazy and eat the whole batch in one sitting, so don’t completely deprive yourself if you have the type of personality to over do it.


Thank you for reading my tips today, I hope it helps!

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