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In my Communications class we have to give an informative speech and I’ve chosen the topic of “how exercise affects our mental health.” That could be a little inspiration as to why I’ve decided to blog about why I’m back into running! I took a few years off from running regularly, and now that I’m back in the game, I wanted to talk about why I love it so much. Here are my 3 reasons 🙂


  • The stress relief you get from running is legit. It’s true. These last few weeks make me remember why I used to run religiously. It is soo effective in boosting your mood and I feel way less anxious during those days. I feel like I have a happier outlook in general when I run and it’s a great time period where my mind isn’t racing.


  • It targets my problem areas faster than other exercises. Obviously everyone is different, but for me, I see fastest fat loss results with running. My pants are starting to fit a little better and I’m more comfortable in things I used to wear. It’s a nice little confidence booster!


  • You can run (almost) anywhere. I love this aspect because you don’t need any equipment, and you don’t need a gym membership. I love that you can be in nature, listening to music, and can be enjoying the scenery going at your own pace. This to me is very relaxing.


Other exercises are great, and they’re all unique to what each individual is looking for. I’m happy to be living in a nice quiet area of town where I can run on all of the sidewalks… it used to be impossible to do living way out in the country; there’s only so much treadmill time that I can handle! For now while the weather is nice I’ll be fully enjoying being “back on the run.”


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2 thoughts on “Back on the Run

  1. Love this! And you! I soooo want to get back into running! Once I rid myself of an emphysema that I’ve had for two weeks, I definitely want to start up again. Feeling so motivated by Fall weather!

    1. Yes, the fall weather is way better!! I used to wake up in summer early just to beat the 90 degree weather…not good for running ugh! But the emphezyma is definitely the hard part lol!

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