A Green Breakfast Smoothie You’ll Love!


Good morning!

Today’s post is just a simple recipe! Last year for Christmas Santa brought me a Ninja Blender. They are awesomeeeee and I’m always looking for great smoothie recipes! (so if you have any you love, please share :)) Last week Eva Shockey posted a really healthy breakfast smoothie on Instagram. Since mornings are crazy, I decided to give it a go- since it’s quicker than making an egg dish of some sort!

Here’s her original recipe (and I’ll share below how I modify it a tad):


This is really delicious & easy to make. Here’s my spin on it:

  • 8 C. Spinach
  • Ice
  • Water (or Almond Milk) amount depends on the other ingredients/how much you want to make ahead of time so just play around with it.
  • 1 T ground flax
  • 2 T almond butter
  • 2 T coconut oil (I put coconut oil in EVERY smoothie. Word on the street is it helps your body absorb the nutrients of the other ingredients better!)
  • 1 Whole banana
  • Half packet of TLS Vanilla protein powder

If you want, you can also add any kind of fruit/veggies!


I’m a person who needs protein for breakfast, and the reason why this is great is because the almond butter and protein powder are both protein packed. The TLS Vanilla Protein Powder has 21g of protein per serving. I hope you try it and enjoy it! 🙂


Feature photo credit: Alison Marras on unsplash.

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