A Dry Skin Secret Weapon


Living in the midwest can be hard on the skin during these upcoming long winter months. I’ve tried a lot of really great skincare products, and I always say it’s tough to find one that penetrates the skin (not just covers the surface), isn’t greasy, and smells great too! To add to a post I did a while back called Loving These 3 Body Lotions, I’ve found on that tops the list! (But don’t get me wrong, because they’re all great)

The Cookie & Body ice cream in Mint is thee best. It actually moisturizes skin and keeps it that way from shower to shower. I buy it from one of my favorite online retailers jet.com.


This product has little “chocolate chips” in it that dissolves on your skin. I’m really not sure what their purpose is, but it’s a cute little addition. This product seriously smells amazing, so add it to your list! The only downside is that I don’t believe it’s sold in a larger container than 2.7 oz. If so, I’d buy it by the gallon 🙂

The other scents this comes in that I’ll be trying very soon, are original (vanilla) and strawberry.



Laura 🙂

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