5 Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About People


This is kind of a part two to a blog I did a while back called Lessons Learned Working in Customer Service. Today’s post has to do with experiences I’ve gathered from working in customer service, but from also reading a lot, things taught by my parents, and other things. However, I am not a psychologist, so these are just things I’ve noticed and gathered.

Lesson no. 1: The better you are at asking questions, the more likable you become. I think showing interest in people is huge. We’ve all heard the saying that people enjoy talking about themselves. We all do. When someone shows an interest in your life, it shows that they’re not wrapped up in themselves and is an attractive trait. Now, people can tell a phony from someone who’s genuine, so asking about their lives has to come from an actual place of interest.

Lesson no. 2: Nobody cares how stressed you are. Ouch. I do NOT mean that people don’t care about you and of course your loved ones and close friends care about your stress and problems. However, if you work in customer service and all you do is dump your negativity all over customers who don’t even really know you, it’s not a good way to flatter them. Everyone has their own stress. People that just met you and don’t even know you don’t want to inherit your stress AS WELL. Keep a smile and positive attitude until you have a deeper level of friendship with someone.

Lesson no. 3: Not everyone is warm and fuzzy, and it has nothing to do with you. You might meet people in life that have a distant personality, are socially awkward, and may never warm up to you. People come from all different walks of life and experiences that have shaped them socially. The best thing is to not take it personally if they’re not the huggy, lovey, smiley, friendly type. The interesting part of life is that we’re all different and bring different things to the table. I’ve struggled with taking it personally when someone doesn’t warm up to me when in reality it’s not something I’m doing wrong or can control. It’s OK. Just appreciate people as they are.

Lesson no. 4: People will have more respect for you if you admit you’re wrong. No one likes a know it all. People actually seem to be more forgiving of mistakes when you own up to them and take accountability. I believe this is the root to a lot of issues in todays society. Blame pushing and lack of accountability is so dang common and it drives me nuts. The world needs more people who aren’t afraid to be wrong and admit it.

Lesson no. 5: We were all born naked. Sometimes it can be easy to be intimidated by someone. Maybe you cancel a sales meeting because you’re nervous to meet with that CEO. The truth is, we are all human, we all came from the same place, and for the most part we are all in this together. I’ve found that 9 out of 10 times the people I was afraid to talk to turned out to be just like me. They were approachable, they made mistakes, they had problems, they had fears, they were HUMAN.

Thanks for reading !! – Laura

Feature photo credit goes to: Mauro Mora on unsplash.


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